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A busy few weeks (OR to NYC to OR to SD and back)

It’s been a bit crazy lately. A week in New York with a group of 50 or so of the best and brightest from the UofO School of Journalism. Ad agency visits, sight seeing, portfolio stuff, great food(kimchi and blue cheese pocket from Momofuku Milk Bar? Amazing!), and lots of absorbing Manhattan.

Back to Eugene for two days of work, then a trip down to San Diego for a week. Busy, but just enough time to relax a bit and process the week in NYC.

La Jolla on flickr

So insights gleaned? I love visiting NYC, but I’d have to have a really compelling reason to end up there permanently. The advertising industry is shifting quickly in terms of channels and media possibilities, but there’s still a metric crapton of garbage being pushed through those channels. Don’t get me wrong – I think advertising today is brilliant and there are some pieces and people doing incredible work – but those pieces and people are few and far between in a sea of monotonous garbage. Times are changing, but many of the archaic problems still exist.  Which just continues to make me want to help those people who can actually perpetuate positive change in the industry. And maybe that’s my biggest takeaway from the last few weeks – there’s tremendous opportunity to fix the problems of the world. The advertising world and the greater world as a whole.

Israel Palestine 2018: One Voice

I’ve seen this campaign pop up a few times, and found it interesting if nothing else. But it’s much more…

The OneVoice movement is all about reframing the “Israel vs. Palestine” conflict and promoting moderation.

“We share the same grass (or sand) and we envision a future where we can meet, compete and celebrate on a football pitch rather than on a battlefield.”
In order to make the grass greener, they seek to motivate and back up the ‘moderate’ silent supporters who can hopefully join forces and tone down the minor but loud voices of the ‘hooligans’. [osicio]

Check out the campaign (with a higher quality video) and sign up to support, if you’re so inclined, over at And the One Voice campaign is over at


placement of cool stuff

People make such a big deal about ad placement, billboard placement, how many people between the ages of 22.5 and 24.75 walk past a board between the hours of 9:00 and 12:00 per weekday (excluding thursdays), etc. I get tired of hearing and reading about it. Maybe it’s not that complex. Maybe it’s not complex at all.

“design lab” Orange 22 makes some interesting art/furniture/designs. Even more interesting are the photos they take of their products (as pictured above). I know nothing about the company, but I do know that there are some brilliant photos on their pages. It’s not their product in a chic white-on-white leather-on-white room. They’ve got the right idea. now it just needs to make the jump in the direction of billboards – or not billboards, as the case may be.

what do people pay attention to?

I was sitting in Lawrence Hall, working on my final project for a drawing class.  I was miding my own business, huddling over my drawing at a 70’s style octagonal table, but couldn’t help to notice that nearly every person who walked by turned and looked at what I was doing.  Some slowed down to look, some even stopped and just watched me.  I certainly wasn’t iliciting any sort of response from people – infact, I had my drawing turned completely upside-down from the view of anybody walking by.

So the big question: what makes people stop?  Advertising always seems to be “how can I make a great billboard” or “what would make a funny bus shelter?” I’m wondering more if the first question should be “what makes people pay attention.”  Obviously by sitting and drawing at a table, people’s interest was piqued.  They looked… and payed attention. They got my message, even thought I wasn’t sending it.  So instead of figuring out how to make a outdoor board that people will pay attention to, why not try to do something people will pay attention to, and then bury a message in it somewhere?  Just a thought.  and maybe then they’ll have somethin’ else to look at and stop staring at me working on my drawing final in the hallway.

the beginning of the end?

so this is the beginning of this. this being a renewed attempt at what i painfully must admit is essentially “blogging.”  what “this” is, i’m not sure. but everyone around me at the university of oregon seems to be caught up in the whole “blogging scene.”  why? i’m not exactly sure. various people have been coming up to me lately and inquiring as to why i don’t have a blog, as if it’s some status symbol or some stamp of creativity. which i may make and sell at some point. (a stamp of creativity, that is)

so this is it. some may say it’s selling out or i’m just doing it because it’s what everyone else is doing. when i mentioned my intentions to begin some form of blog or anti-blog to a friend, she told me i was just jumping on the bandwagon. maybe. but only so i can throw everyone else off said bandwagon and steer our oxen in the right direction before we all die of dysentery.