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“Hands” tries to give Honda a hand

Hondas sales figures have’t been so good lately, and coincidentally, the Honda I was driving finally had enough and gave up. But this impressive showing from Weiden + Kennedy London proves that unlike my car, Honda still has some breath. Beautifully creative with strong reference stylistically to the classic honda spots like Cog.

Nice to see Honda still fighting.

Old shoes provide fuel for some beautiful animation from ManvsMachine

Growing up in the greater metropolis of the Nike empire, my high school was one of the early testing grounds for Nike’s “Grind”, which was kind of cool, except for that year that they realized the field was way too hard and that’s why people were breaking so many bones and they had to replace the entire field… but I digress. The technology has come a long way, and this minute-long video from ManvsMachine Design & Motion Studio in London promoting Nike’s Reuse-A-Shoe¬†campaign is pretty beautiful.

The animation is gorgeous, the music is spot-on, and the voiceover works beautifully as well. Nice when it all comes together.

Check out the full project page over at ManvsMachine’s site.

[via CreativeBloq]

What does Ewan McGregor know about The Bauhaus? Apparently enough to narrate a mini-series of six videos that give a brief history of some major design movements, out out by The Open University.

You can view all six videos from Gothic Revival to Postmodernism on youtube by clicking here. The videos are concise, the animation clean. They distill concepts a bit heavily and leave out significant elements (like distilling Modernism to a quote from Mies van der Rohe?) but for about two minutes of learning, it’s pretty excellent. All six segments are definitely worth the time to watch. Very cool stuff.

[via Co.Design]

“Lapin”: proof that simplicity can still kick ass

Whoah. Action on Questioning Reality. I feel like I’ve entered another dimension. Or maybe a past one…

Either way, eight months is entirely too long for this blog to go un-tended. And while I can’t guarantee anything new will come of this revisitation, a career change, a location change, and a mentality change may be just what this blog needs to get back into the swing of things. And on that note, I present you with “Lapin” (which is french for “rabbit,” in case you were wondering):

I’ve been a longtime fan of Kuntzel+Deygas… and their footwear collaboration with Lacoste I wrote about eons ago blew me a way. They did the title sequence to Catch Me If You Can (yeah, the one with Leo), and there’s something about their visual dynamic, style, and simplicity that I’ve always been drawn to, hence my undying love for Caperino and Peperone.

There’s just something so simplistically enjoyable about this rabbit clip that I can’t quite put my finger on, but that’s okay, because I love it. And it’s proof that things don’t always have to be crazy. Yeah, a million bouncing balls or a giant King mask are cool, but a simple pencil and paper drawing can be even better.


Music video of the week: Exploring an animated universe with Fictionist

I’m in love with this video. Often, I find that creatively animated music videos fall short of actually melding with the music they’re supposed to be complementing. This one, on the other hand, is just perfect. The track is “Blue Eyed Universe” by Fictionist, and the stunning animation is from Eric Power of Clear Productions. Stunning. and has made my day.

Something from (almost) nothing

I’ve always been a proponent of simplicity. whether in idea, execution, or just life in general, simplicity is never a bad thing. And in everything from advertising to film to food, there seems to be an overwhelming trend toward grandiosity (just think of the most recent blockbuster film). Sometimes, simple can be just as effective. Sometimes a bit of time and a few bucks can yield results as interesting as muti-million-dollar special-effects. Like this music video from Fujiya & Miyagi, which is neither brand spankin’ new nor earth shattering, but it’s pretty solid and makes me smile.

Neurosonics Medical Labs Inc… What?

I’m not even sure what to say about this video featuring the Scratch Perverts. Because I can’t wrap my brain around it.

Done by commercial director Chris Cairns, who also directed the impressive LCD Soundsystem’s “Daft Punk is Playing at My House,” this video transcends any sense of normalcy and is purely bizarre in an amazing and brilliant way.