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What does Ewan McGregor know about The Bauhaus? Apparently enough to narrate a mini-series of six videos that give a brief history of some major design movements, out out by The Open University.

You can view all six videos from Gothic Revival to Postmodernism on youtube by clicking here. The videos are concise, the animation clean. They distill concepts a bit heavily and leave out significant elements (like distilling Modernism to a quote from Mies van der Rohe?) but for about two minutes of learning, it’s pretty excellent. All six segments are definitely worth the time to watch. Very cool stuff.

[via Co.Design]

Food, cityscapes, and photography: three things that don’t usually go together so well

I’m a fan of food. Not just eating it, but making it, crafting it, and yes, even photographing it. Which is why I find this so awesome:

Swedish art director Peter Johansson teamed up with Swedish food lab Atelier Food to create this amazing foodscape that comes shockingly close to resembling a city.

From Johansson’s website:

The Atelier Food still life is built on a grid. The still life
represents the work of Atelier Food and the connection between food and
society. It links the playfulness and creativity within the project with
the ambitious goals and long-term challenges. In the spirit of the
whole Atelier Food project it is also a creative co-operation between a
chef, one Art Director and one Photographer.

Photography by Henrik Petersson. More photos at Johansson’s website. Now I’m hungry.

[via Its Nice That]

I know what I want for my birthday… the Ferris Beuler house!

Alright. I know my birthday is still two months off, but I’m not opposed to an early birthday present.


The Highland Park, Chicago house (or more specifically, the Garage) made famous by Ferris Beuler’s Day Off. This house might be the sole thing that initially got me interested in 20th Century minimalistic architechture. And ferraris.

The house, designed by by architects A. James Speyer and David Haid, and formerly owned by photographer Ben Rose (no relation), is up for only $2,300,000. Click here for more details. So… who’s gonna buy this one for me?