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“Hands” tries to give Honda a hand

Hondas sales figures have’t been so good lately, and coincidentally, the Honda I was driving finally had enough and gave up. But this impressive showing from Weiden + Kennedy London proves that unlike my car, Honda still has some breath. Beautifully creative with strong reference stylistically to the classic honda spots like Cog.

Nice to see Honda still fighting.

Volkswagen turns everyone into a dude?

Alright. So it’s been a while… probably way too long since I last posted… and I’d be lying if I said that today marks the beginning of the revival of regular posting on this here blog. I’d like to think that’s the case, but realistically, working 70+ hours a week in retail isn’t exactly giving me a whole lot of free time (although working in a shoe store is certainly increasing my footwear collection fairly rapidly).

Anyway, in the limited time I have to scour the net, I rarely come across things that I fall in love with. This is one of them:

I know (and you may know) of my love for volkswagens and much of their advertising, but there’s definitely a reason for it. Something quirky without being over-the-top crazy. something familiar and a relaxing-without-annoying quality about the music (a-la the infamous trio infused da da da spot), and just plain fun. Simple, to the point, and effective. I’m sold. now i just need the money to afford one.  (full credits if you click through to youtube).

When YouTube suggests commercials for me… or… “A Nissan and dog tail”

I’m always intrigued when YouTube recommends videos for me. I always get a few funky and random things. And this morning’s recommendations were no different.

I amm kind of digging the overall feel, and the parallel images… but… Admittedly, I don’t speak the language, but I’m not sure when comparing your vehicle to bull dog ass is a good thing.

Fiat protects the environment by using pandas as crash test dummies

I’m not sure why I find these so amusing. Maybe I’ve just seen too many crash test commercials and anything out of the ordinary is refreshing. Or maybe I find humor in the idea of pandas and penguins being stuffed inside a Fiat. either way, these are refreshing and actually have a bit of a message to them. Done by Marcel Paris. Follow the jump for the other two ads.


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clip-o-the-weekend: In My Prius

Well, here it is. the second installment of the youtube clip of the weekend. I was going to stick to the “bizarre” clip, but this one is just too good to pass up, and really needs no explaining.

Check out The Casual Mafia’s youtube channel for more, and their website is pretty awesome too.