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Why does Australia have the craziest beer commercials?

So as some of you know, I had a short internship doing work for AB, i.e. Anheuser Busch… aka, Bud. I worked on some pretty extreme, pretty intense beer commercials. but I’m not sure that any really came close to this gem:

wow. The Aussies always have some good beer spots. but this spot for Hahn SuperDry might take the cake.

And an insider (and beer geek’s) tip: when a brewing company spends more on advertising than making the beer, I usually pass.

That being said, I’d love a ferret that could hand-cap my brews.

The Miller High Life Guy, one-second comedy, and Bob Ross


In one of the more bizarre yet bizarrely interesting campaigns of late, Windell Middlebrooks is back for Miller High Life in a significantly truncated form (the spots, not Mr. Middlebrooks). In an attempt to call out/poke fun at/criticize/blasphemize/trash/etc. Anheuser Busch, Miller, with the help of Windell, is pointing out the uselessness of a 30-second superbowl spot. The week before the superbowl, an ironically 30 second long spot will air (probably enough to be nasueating), featuring Windell musing on the foolishness of a :30 spot. Then, supposedly, during the superbowl, there will be a true :1 spot.

Check out the commercial over at, where you can also view an unnecessary amount of one-second ads… although I have to call attention to possibly my favorite ad moment of the year, the two one-second spots where Widnell embodies the spirit of Bob Ross (as pictured above). Just creepy and awesome on so many levels. Genius

More Beer Music: VB + Orchestra = cool

Last Christmas, I was blown away by the Amstel Light Subway Beer Symphony, and it changed how I thought about beer bottles. Well just over a year has passed, and something similar, yet beautifully different pops up. While the Amstel execution was an interesting and slightly edgy process, This spot by GP Y&R [Melbourne] for Victoria Bitters (VB) is the opposite – planned, refined, and well-polished.

I know people that are die-hard VB fans, and this spot speaks to that love in both a clean and fun tone, bringing in the “celebrity” aspect of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and the Orchestra Victoria. Plus it indirectly highlights the bottle sizes as a product attribute. Very impressive indeed. Oh – and the laugh of composer/conductor Cezary Skubiszewski at the end is what makes it perfect.

Check out a great “making of” video with the creatives and the conductor after the jump!

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I’m not usually a fan of Christmas Beers…

I spent a summer learning and living beer advertising. The horizon looked less than promising as far as mass produced beer beverages were concerned. Then stuff like this comes along and completely changes my mind. This is definitely up there in my personal top ten greatest beer advertising concepts/executions. So not beer. So much more. But still the focus on the beer. Brilliant. Get the details here (from Shedwa).