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This blog still has a pulse? and: When animation meets time-lapse tilt-shift

Thanks to some faulty internet hardware and 70+ hour work weeks, I still haven’t gotten back into the swing of this blog thing yet. I’m working on it though… i assure you. Soon, hopefully, all will return to normal. But until then, here’s one more video clip for you to enjoy:

The music is Chad Kuchula, and the amazing video, combining tilt-shift, time lapse, and animation in a beautiful yet not overly nauseating way is done by Nat Dart. On top of being awesome, the video makes me realize just a bit how much I miss the trees and the water. The southwest desert ain’t bad, but I definitely miss me some evergreens.

Bizarre video clip-o-the-weekend: A sumo great and Brad Pitt

Last I checked, it’s the weekend, thus an artificially constructed reasoning for posting random and bizarre video clips. Often, some of the most random and bizarre come as a result of celebrities staring in commercials in other countries. These spots for cell service SoftBank feature Sumo great Musashimaru and Brad Pitt. oddly humorous… well beyond the obvious intended humor, I’d say.

Bizarre Clip-o-the-weekend: The Documentary of Horatio Pyewackett Caractacus Fearns the cat

I really don’t know what this means. or what’s going on. or why I keep watching it. The combination of music, cinematography, and a bizarre cat combines to make something strangely captivating yet equally confusing. And the cat is named Horatio Pyewackett Caractacus Fearns. You can’t really beat that. And in case you were wondering, the track, as per the youtube page, is The Last Stand Of Pucho Vasquez by Merchandise (which I’m really digging).

Clip-o-the-weekend: trying to answer trivia on roller coaster?

I can’t pass this one up. Cartoon Network is launching a subsegment entitled “Cartoon Network Real,” however oxymoronic it may be, and one of their flagship shows, Brain Rush, which combines a trivia show with a rollercoaster. Incidentally, it debuts tonight. Check out this preview video:

More info at Cartoon Network This Summer.

clip-o-the-weekend: In My Prius

Well, here it is. the second installment of the youtube clip of the weekend. I was going to stick to the “bizarre” clip, but this one is just too good to pass up, and really needs no explaining.

Check out The Casual Mafia’s youtube channel for more, and their website is pretty awesome too.