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Back from a month-long break fueled by coffee

So lots has happened in this past month, causing this blog to unfortunately fall to the wayside. In a whirlwind turn of events, I somehow found myself in retail management (ironically – and dangerously – in footwear), and simultaneously short-staffed and without an assistant, resulting in roughly 80-hour weeks (I wish I was exaggerating). Today is my first day I haven’t had to work 11 hours in nearly a month. Assuming all goes well, I hope to resume the stream-of-conscious aggregation of thoughts that this blog had become.

And to kick things back off on a solid graphic-design foot, here’s a classic that never gets old, and pretty much describes my life for the past month or so: Lokesh Dhakar’s “Coffee Drinks Illustrated:”


Hopefully this won’t be the last post for another month…

Package and Graphic Design at it’s best: Brooklyn Fare

As many know, I hold a special place in my mind for restaurants and markets. That’s part of the reason that good design for food establishments makes me so happy.


All designed by Mucca Design for Brooklyn Fare, it’s simple, direct, and an absolutely perfect blend of crisp and ballsy copy with exceptionaly clean, almost modernist design (that kind of reminds me of the W+K work for The Guardian).

Eat Me Daily has an awesome write up with great info and an awesome video.

McDonalds calls Starbucks (or its costumers) Dumb


This is one of the more interesting competitive campaigns of late. Pretty self explantory, really. McDonalds erected billboards across Western Washington, including the one above which is visible from Starbucks corporate offices. The other billboard in the set reads “Large is the new grande.” Simple and clever way to promote McDonalds Espresso. It’s a more direct and more in-Starbucks’-face approach stemming from their Unsnobby Coffee campaign.  Supposedly, Starbucks won’t retaliate with counter-advertising… although I think there’s room for some interesting creative there.

As if Starbucks didn’t have enough problems already. Check out the full story from the Seattle P-I.

Improv Everywhere: Computers in Starbucks

After the internet popularity that the Frozen at Grand Central clip received,  it’s no surprise that Improv Everywhere’s newest mission is spreading like wildfire. And the computer nerd in me absolutely loves it. And my lack of undying love for Starbucks doesn’t hurt much either. A pretty funny comment on technology, the coffee shop atmosphere, and life in general. I dig it.

Check out all the clips, photos, and more at Improv Everywhere.

An Extra Large Coffee… from McDonalds?


It almost pains me to post an ad this cool for coffee, from McDonalds. Extra Large coffee… if you don’t get it, be sure to click on the photo above and look carefully.  Incredibly simple execution with beautiful use of media. I love it when traditional media is used so creatively. Done by DDB Stockholm.

Handpresso: awesome design, odd marketing


I love coffee. and I love beautifully designed products. Handpresso seems to address both of those issues perfectly. The portable single-serving espresso machine brings you top-notch espresso on the go via the pressurized chamber and an espresso pod. All you need is some hot water. The device itself is so beautifully crafted and complex-looking, I could probably stare at the product photos for hours. But when I saw the commercial that goes along with Handpresso, I was somewhat confused and honestly, a bit disappointed:

Such a beautiful (and not exactly inexpensive, at 99 euro/$145) piece of craftsmanship seems to deserve something that speaks to the machine itself. I dunno – maybe I’m just missing something. Either way, a cool product in my book.

A video of the Handpresso in use (also somewhat bizarre) after the jump.

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