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Old shoes provide fuel for some beautiful animation from ManvsMachine

Growing up in the greater metropolis of the Nike empire, my high school was one of the early testing grounds for Nike’s “Grind”, which was kind of cool, except for that year that they realized the field was way too hard and that’s why people were breaking so many bones and they had to replace the entire field… but I digress. The technology has come a long way, and this minute-long video from ManvsMachine Design & Motion Studio in London promoting Nike’s Reuse-A-Shoe¬†campaign is pretty beautiful.

The animation is gorgeous, the music is spot-on, and the voiceover works beautifully as well. Nice when it all comes together.

Check out the full project page over at ManvsMachine’s site.

[via CreativeBloq]

Why does Australia have the craziest beer commercials?

So as some of you know, I had a short internship doing work for AB, i.e. Anheuser Busch… aka, Bud. I worked on some pretty extreme, pretty intense beer commercials. but I’m not sure that any really came close to this gem:

wow. The Aussies always have some good beer spots. but this spot for Hahn SuperDry might take the cake.

And an insider (and beer geek’s) tip: when a brewing company spends more on advertising than making the beer, I usually pass.

That being said, I’d love a ferret that could hand-cap my brews.

Now I want a new pair of Nike Frees

Sometimes, I see stuff that just blows my mind. This is one of those things:

W+K Tokyo gathered up Japanese DJ duo Hifana and got Tomoaki Yanagisawa from 4nchor5 la6 to rig up the shoes, which have flexible accelerometers wired through ’em, and Daito Manabe did the sound programming. The result? Awesomeness.

Some more crazy behind-the-scenes photos are over at Daito’s site here.¬† Now I want to go get a new pair of Nike Frees. That, and some of those orange-box speakers!

[via hypebeast]

Commercials above the law

I have a soft spot for local TV spots. Who doesn’t? There’s something about the bizarre combination of a lack of technology, lack of direction and assumption that you’re creating one of the greatest commercials of all time that really touches my heart. And moving to the southwest has provided a plethora of new local TV ads to feast one. There’s one, however, that seems to get air time on every channel at every commercial break, and I haven’t decided how I feel about it yet. It’s Dallas attorney Brian Loncar, “The Strong Arm.” A unique character, to say the least.

and the newest bizarre spot:

I’ve got to give the guy props for having his own YouTube channel. And production quality isn’t bad, especially compared to Eugene standards… and he was able to get (pay) Shatner to appear in one of his commercials (which I can’t yet track down on-line… I’m working on it).

Although it turns out there are a fair number of other law firm spots that Loncar’s competing with. There was an Esquire posta few months back showcasing some other gems alongside The Strongarm, like this guy:

It seems like there’s some definite hidden potential in the Law Firm Advertising sector… i can only imagine what some of these guys could achieve with some superb creative direction and some big-budget special effects. Although nothing will ever come close to my personal hero: Mr. Appliance:

Oh… any to anybody reading from the wonderful TV commercial breeding ground of Eugene, OR, when the hell did Mr Appliance get into the used car business?

Volkswagen turns everyone into a dude?

Alright. So it’s been a while… probably way too long since I last posted… and I’d be lying if I said that today marks the beginning of the revival of regular posting on this here blog. I’d like to think that’s the case, but realistically, working 70+ hours a week in retail isn’t exactly giving me a whole lot of free time (although working in a shoe store is certainly increasing my footwear collection fairly rapidly).

Anyway, in the limited time I have to scour the net, I rarely come across things that I fall in love with. This is one of them:

I know (and you may know) of my love for volkswagens and much of their advertising, but there’s definitely a reason for it. Something quirky without being over-the-top crazy. something familiar and a relaxing-without-annoying quality about the music (a-la the infamous trio infused da da da spot), and just plain fun. Simple, to the point, and effective. I’m sold. now i just need the money to afford one. ¬†(full credits if you click through to youtube).

Good to know I can count on friends for content: catching laptops with buttocks?

What can I say? my friends know me too well. It’s nice that when I have limited internet access (still!), I can count on my friends to fill my inbox with the most pertinent, most entertaining, and just plain best stuff out there. And even advertising based, just waiting for me to drop into my blog. Thank you.

and I’m not sure what message this is sending about MSI laptops… and don’t they have a line called “wind”? seems like an odd choice. It’s pretty Cutwater viral-ish and feels pretty Ray-Ban-y, but that doesn’t stop me from digging it.

Trash the beach party?

hmm. I get it. but I don’t get it. Over the top? Effective conveyance of the message? I really don’t know… all I know is somethin’ about it is just a bit unsettling. Maybe that’s the point?

Done for the Keep California Beautiful capaign by BBDO West. Great info on the campaign over at Osocio.