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The Right Ringtone for the Job

I’m always intrigued when I hear unique and bizarre cell phone ringtones. Some are impressive, and some are just weird. But regardless, there’s a time and a place for (almost) every ringtone. And then there are the times and places when it’s never the right time:

chose your ringtones carefully (and remember to silence your mobile devices when appropriate.

The naming of products is a difficult matter

The naming of products is a difficult matter… or so it seems. It’s just a prototype at the moment, but product design specifications aside, this might be one of the worst product names I’ve seen in a while.

Heinz Snap Pots Beanzawave world's smallest microwave

yep. I would have loved to be part of the discussion where they decided that “Beanzawave” was the name they would plaster across the world’s smallest microwave. And that’s not even considering that the product is powered via USB and theoretically uses phone radio frequencies to heat mini cups of beans for those who can’t bare to leave their desk for even a moment. Apparently the Microwave Association doesn’t think too highly of the product at the moment… I’ll be curious to see if this one ever hits store shelves.

And hopefully, it will have a better name than Beanzawave.

Upgrade Yourself: Be A Better Man in 30 Days?

I’m not usually a huge fan of overtly manly guides to anything, thus I was leery about Gear Patrol’s upcoming “Be A Better Man in 30 Days.” But Gear Patrol, a blog that defines itself as “The Definitive Resource for the Ever-Evolving Man” and typically is a blend of luxury, style, sports, and technology may be on to something with this series.


Yesterday’s feature was tie and shirt pairings, today’s post was a brief rundown on “properly ordering a steak.” Simple, well done, and an interesting blend of style, commentary, and just enough machismo to give it character without coming off as a bit contrived. If you’re bored, it just might be worth watching (which is more than I can say for most stuff out there).

It’s that time of the year again… random machines playing Christmas music

As the snow blows like crazy outside, I’m reminded that it’s the Christmas season. As if I didn’t have enough reminders already. But there have been a few pleasant surprises thus far which have made my holiday season slightly less painful. Most recent is this awesome Christmas greeting from AKQA.

christmas1And the other thing of note at the moment, Crave reminded me of one of my favorite seasonal albums by mentioning cnet’s free mp3 dpwnload of the day. The Album is Christmas Remixed: Holiday Classics Regrooved, featuring the likes of Dan The Automator, Beef Wellington, and Robbie Hardkiss. The mp3 that you can listen to and download for free, is Dan The Automator‘s remix of Dean Martin’s Jingle Bells. Worth a listen if you’ve got a bit of time to burn.

Sony Bravia goes zoetropic

Anyone who regularly reads this thing (there are one or two of you, right?) would know, I’m a fairly big fan of the Sony Bravia commercials, and await each commercial with fairly high expectations (like the most recent, Foam City). Anyway, I stumbled across this one today and I’m excited. Apparently the next spot will have something to do with this monstrosity of a zoetrope (the spinning thing that turns static images into a moving picture using some crazy physics defying principles).

Taking photography history and theory classes, I developed a strong love for zoetropes, rotoscopes, and a few other opes. My hopes are high that this will turn out to be epic. According to Gizmodo, this massive zoetrope weighs in at 10 tons and spins at 25mph. sounds impressive already. Supposedly, it’s all promoting Sony’s new MotionFlow interpolation technology. I didn’t read up enough to fully understand, but it sure seems like a zoetropic interpretation would hammer the idea home. Cool stuff. Hopefully.

CNN channels Star Trek and Star Wars and beams in via hologram. what?

Over the past few years, mega-multitouch screens have become the new big thing for election coverage (incase you missed the SNL parody the other week, check it out via engadget… thanks moT). And with an election as monumental as last nights, we could only expect the news media to go insane with technology this time around. Anne Curry appeared in a virtual rotunda, CNN superimposed a mini-Capital on the news desk, and most impressive of all, the beaming in of Black Eyed Peas’ via hologram to conduct a virtual interview with Anderson Cooper.

so how did they do it? well, 44 cameras, 20 computers, and some other crazy technology later, people were being “beamed in” left and right. Crazy stuff. Necessary? probably not. Crazy? most definitely. Check out the article at Wired for full coverage of the election technology. And to quote Jamiroquai’s now-12-years-old Virtual Insanity, “it’s a crazy world we’re livin’ in.”

Jesus! Look at the time!

This made my day. I don’t think I need to say anymore. except you can buy it here if you really want.

The Image Fulgurator. Art + technology + mischief = cool

Does much need to be said after the above image? well, probably. Check out the “Image Fulgurator.” A device created by Berlin-based artist Julius von Bismarck that literally manipulates the photos of others. Essentially a frankenstein of a slr body, a slr-flash, and a light sensor. While seemingly complex, it’s really a pretty simple concept with interesting results. I think I found my next weekend project.

The advertising mind in my wonders what kind of possibilities this has, but the artist side of me is just in awe. For more (including diagrams) check out the translated verison of Bismarck’s site here.

Visualizing time: the Lexon Around Clock

Every now and then, there’s something I see that really catches my eye and changes how I look at things. This time around (pun intended) it’s the Lexon Around Clock. It works beautifully simply, with a numbered can-like cylinder that rotates beneath a red wire that tells the time. Beautiful and simple. If you have to have one (or want to buy me one), you can purchase it at Singulier.

[via acquire]

Video: This is how it works [Pacemaker pocket dj system]

Aside from the fact that the Pacemaker is a pretty cool device that’s fairly revolutionary in its field, this animated short is incredible. Apparently the introductory film for a series of instructional videos, it showcases the product in a way unique from just about anything else. The short features exclusive music by Teddybears and Illuminum.
Animation, character design, etc. is done by Swedish animators Kristofer Ström and Martin Ottosson and produced by Björn Wahlström. Very cool. Oh – and if you want more info on the Pacemaker, BeatPortal has some good stuff here. via below the clouds.