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I hope Dunkin Donuts doesn’t sponsor this blog.

In case you haven’t heard about the whole Rachel Ray/Dunkin Donuts/Keffiyeh fiasco, check it out first. And while it’s definitely interesting, amusing, funny, and appealing to all the anti-Rachel folks out there, it didn’t really compel me to write anything about it. Until I saw this:

the clip from Fox’s Good Day New York pretty much speaks for itself. one of the better TV moments I’ve seen in a while.

via adfreak.


The non-existent Super Bowl wrap-up


So I feel compelled to write some sort of Super Bowl 2008 wrap-up here. I’m not really sure why. I suppose because I comment on ads fairly regularly, and the Super Bowl is supposedly the biggest ad event of the year. But I thought it was pretty much a let-down.

Actually, I think for a let-down, I had to be expecting something amazing. Which I wasn’t. So I guess it was about what I expected. Still, there were a few advertisers I was really looking forward to seeing spots from, and similarly a few agencies I was pulling for. But it just fell a bit flat. I’m not sure if we’re still in a post-wardrobe-malfunction environment, or if creativity really is shifting that much that the TV advertising is no longer the focal point of the brilliant advertising. Personally, I’m hoping it’s just the environment this year. I guess we’ll find out next year.

And in-case you missed it all, you can check out all the Super Bowl spots over at AdAge (just Click Here).

Thule Trail: Oregon Trail remixed with roof racks and without Dysentery. genius?


So when I first saw the “Thule Trail” advergame a few months back, I was in awe, but thought it would just fizzle away unnoticed, like most of the things that really catch my eye. Turns out I was wrong. After several months, it has over 1600 diggs, and just recently popped up onto Kotaku‘s radar, continuing it’s upward-moving publicity spiral.

This beautiful remake of the early 80’s Broderbund classic, Oregon Trail, has captured the hearts of a generation. I grew up playing Oregon Trail in school (it taught us the history of our state!) back when the game came on a floppy disk that was actually floppy.  I miss those days. and so do thousands of others, apparently. While I am a self-proclaimed roof-rack nerd and have both Thule and Yakima rack systems, many people out there aren’t. Which makes Thule Trail so effective. Strong yet not overly direct branding. and the key is that people don’t really care that it’s advertising, because the agency (TDA Advertising in Boulder, CO) was able to channel the message through a unique medium that people are so enamored with, it’s okay!
As taken from a comment on digg:

I know this is an advertisement, but it’s so cool and well done that I really don’t care. Oregon Trail FTW!

Again, I’m impressed with it all. A nice use of flash, a nice adaptation of a classic, an obviously effective way to reach the target, and a highly successful advertising piece. I’m 8-bit impressed.

YouTube never fails to amaze me…

Nothing of much substance today – my brain is a bit mushy. However I have run across two equally strange but significantly different videos while surfing the world wide web today… much more mind-numbing and confusing (in my opinion, of course) then the traditional YouTube fare. I could rant for a bit about the whole phenomenon of YouTube and what it’s done for on-demand entertainment of a wide variety, but instead, I’ll just post the videos so you can make your own analysis of The Tube.

Liberia is an interesting place, to say the least.

I know many YouTube aficionados are probably already familiar with manualist Gerry Phillips, but somehow I hadn’t seen this particular video, which seems even more bizarre and ephemeral to me. maybe A-Ha always has that effect on me.

But that looks like a cookbook…?


Read this book. “But that looks like a cookbook!” most exclaim after googling it (nobody really needs links anymore… google takes care of it… but I gave it to you anyway). In my brain’s best Nick Frost a la Shaun of the Dead impression, it replies, “F^çK Yeah it’s a cookbook!” while my mouth replies, “yeah. it looks like a cookbook. trust me. read it.”

Seriously. A while back, I wrote about exposing myself to stuff that wasn’t really advertising. or anything like advertising really. Nigel Slater’s Apetite is just that. It makes you think. It makes your mind strong. There are tons of lists of “creative” or “inspirational” books out there – incredible books by the likes of Gladwell, Sullivan, Aitchison, etc. Those lists are pretty easy to find. It’s the other stuff that isn’t. Read this. It’s worth it. And it’s the one cookbook everybody should have – even people who don’t ever plan on cooking for themselves.

I’m the person of the year. or are you? I’m confused.


You? or Me? Either way, the millions of people on this so-called “edge” are kind of making it more like a rolling hill than an actual edge.  I’m not really certain how I feel about the whole “person of the year” thing anyway… it’s just an easy and striking cover. Not my cup of tea. Here’ a link the the story. And another link, just for kicks. So there it is. or there something is – I can’t really put my finger on “it” anymore. It’s more confusing than usual this year. but then again, what isn’t?