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Alex Trebek can certainly call the shots

Indeed, as many of you know, I graduated from the University of Oregon – thus I am a Duck. And I grew up idolizing George Alexander “Alex” Trebek. That being said, even if you hate the Ducks and aren’t a fan of the Trebek, this is still brilliantly amazing:

There are a lot of random videos, clips, mash-ups, etc. floating around, but there is something so genius about the timing, the pacing, and the tone of Trebek that makes this one stand apart. (And big thanks to krobb for pointing this one out!)


Nestography: classic video games as art


I was skeptical at first glance. And after looking at one or two, I wasn’t convinced. But after drifting into Adam Mathes’ world of Nestography, where he pairs classic video game screenshots with poignant and occasionally humorous lines, it’s hard to look away. I believe I read every single one – my memories of classic games drifting back, and my interest in witty artistic banter being piqued. The “about” page is definitely worth a read, at least to give the illusion of meaning and reason behind it all.

A Pop Music year-in-review ( in just five minutes )

Mashup artist DJ Earworm is back with something that can only be described as amazing. In United State of Pop, Earworm took the top 25 tracks from the Billboard hot 100 list for 2007 and proceeded to mash them into one five-minute-long track that is wonderful, confusing, bizarre, impressive, amazing, and disturbing. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions about the current state of pop music.

Check it out at DJ Earworm’s site or via Mashuptown [click here].

If you need a bit of an intro or a refresher on the whole idea of mashups, check out the wiki page, take a browse through Mashuptown (a great mashup blog/resource/advocate), then check out Mashup 101 with Granny Sue Teller, and if you’re still craving more, you could always check out DJ Earworm’s own book on the mashup available at Amazon.

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