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Nike follows the viral rule book: Blue Lobster SB Dunk?

concepts nike lobster dunk

Nike usually does some impressive work across the board. This time around, it’s no different.

Nike SB blue lobster dunk Concept

The posters, signs, and wall pastings started showing up around Boston last week. Then the blog chronicling the dangers of this hazardous blue lobster showed up, complete with some fairly impressively produced video clips, and the usual smattering of viral-style clips like this one:

Then today, Boston skateshop Concepts announced the release of a limited edition shoe, the Nike SB Dunk Low “Blue Lobster.”

Lobster DunkLast summer, the original Concepts Lobster Dunk made quite a splash, without quite this much Nike/Concepts hype.

While a cool concept (no pun intended), it seems a bit overhyped, a bit over-viraled, if you will. And to go from first viral leak to final announcement of the shoe drop in less than 2 weeks feels a bit rushed. They’re still releasing viral concept videos after already announcing the shoe… just seems a bit rushed and not fully put together. The blog is just a simple wordpress blog (not that there’s anything wrong with that… just look at this blog) and a few clicks lead to logos of both the skateshop and Nike SB. Not that I’m not looking forward to the shoe… it should be an interesting drop. It just seems like a ton of faux viral hype that doesn’t really do all that much.

Viral is definitely being pushed, and evolving. or at least being utilized more frequently. evolution may be questionable.

And full detail on the shoe over at real Concepts blog.

Mcdonalds gets creative and captivates the tourist mind.

There are so many ad campaigns that try to do nifty/kitchy/etc./etc. kinds of executions that usually seem to fall a bit short. This McDonalds’s billboard at London’s Picadilly Citcus acually pulls of a bunch of interactive advertising stuff pretty well. And there’s actual proof… not just hypothetical connections and interactions.

Done by Shiny Red, it proves that every now and then McDonalds can still do some cool stuff. Definitely an interesting use of Flickr. Sure, some of the connections don’t really make much sense, and the YouTube page isn’t quite hitting on all cylinders, but all in all, it’s pretty cool.

BMW knows how to play chess

Automotive advertising is no stranger to occasionally blatantly competitive marketing techniques… but this one just may take the proverbial cake – or the King, if you will.


photo via

Check out more images and a quick video clip from whom I’m assuming is the agency behind this placement, Juggernaut Advertising, over at AutoEvolution. Additional photos can also be found at Juggernaut’s Flickr.

The Easter AIG Hunt

Happy Easter to all those celebrating today (and chag sameach to all those celebrating Passover as well… I don’t want any of my posts to seem exclusive!). This piece entitled “Easter AIG Hunt” from stencil artist Above seemed depressingly poignant, and made me smile a bit.


via the always fascinating WoosterCollective. If you want more close up shots, check out the video clip that goes with it over at Above’s Vimeo page.

Some billboards don’t make sense: The Quaker Oat Guy is Back (and scares the oats out of me)

quaker_oats_go_humans_goI’m all for a crazy billboard. but this one may be a bit far. I applaud the simple, easy to read copy. But I’m not sure what the message is. “Go humans go” could imply a few things… from extoling the laxative properties of oatmeal to proclaiming that the Quaker Oat guy is actually a cybernetic creature from the future coming to eradicate the planet of our species. Either way, the giant Quaker dude is freaking me out a bit. The Quaker Website sheds a bit of light on the subject, but fails to make the billboards any less creepy.