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Probably Bad News: probably awesome

While a regular fan Failblog, I’ve somehow overlooked it’s sibling, Probably Bad News, until now. It’s quickly become one of my regular sites to check.  Plus it quickly washes away any regrets I had at not going into news journalism.

When the news seems generic

Wow… it’s been a while since I’ve had the time to make a post on here. And for that, I apologize (just incase there happens to be someone out there expecting an apology). It’s been a crazy few months, pretty much dominated by working 80 hour retail work weeks. Not really enjoyable. at all. But alas, it pays the bills. and reminds me I need to do my taxes.

Anyway, despite being completely separated from the world of the internet over the past few months, save the few glimpses into my inbox and the occasional ebay purchase, I still manage to stumble across some interesting stuff, most of it coming my way via a few good friends. So with that, I give you the best thing I’ve seen on the internet in a good while:

[via TodaysBigThing via moT (thanks!)]

Commercials above the law

I have a soft spot for local TV spots. Who doesn’t? There’s something about the bizarre combination of a lack of technology, lack of direction and assumption that you’re creating one of the greatest commercials of all time that really touches my heart. And moving to the southwest has provided a plethora of new local TV ads to feast one. There’s one, however, that seems to get air time on every channel at every commercial break, and I haven’t decided how I feel about it yet. It’s Dallas attorney Brian Loncar, “The Strong Arm.” A unique character, to say the least.

and the newest bizarre spot:

I’ve got to give the guy props for having his own YouTube channel. And production quality isn’t bad, especially compared to Eugene standards… and he was able to get (pay) Shatner to appear in one of his commercials (which I can’t yet track down on-line… I’m working on it).

Although it turns out there are a fair number of other law firm spots that Loncar’s competing with. There was an Esquire posta few months back showcasing some other gems alongside The Strongarm, like this guy:

It seems like there’s some definite hidden potential in the Law Firm Advertising sector… i can only imagine what some of these guys could achieve with some superb creative direction and some big-budget special effects. Although nothing will ever come close to my personal hero: Mr. Appliance:

Oh… any to anybody reading from the wonderful TV commercial breeding ground of Eugene, OR, when the hell did Mr Appliance get into the used car business?

Trash the beach party?

hmm. I get it. but I don’t get it. Over the top? Effective conveyance of the message? I really don’t know… all I know is somethin’ about it is just a bit unsettling. Maybe that’s the point?

Done for the Keep California Beautiful capaign by BBDO West. Great info on the campaign over at Osocio.

clip-o-the-weekend: In My Prius

Well, here it is. the second installment of the youtube clip of the weekend. I was going to stick to the “bizarre” clip, but this one is just too good to pass up, and really needs no explaining.

Check out The Casual Mafia’s youtube channel for more, and their website is pretty awesome too.

The Easter AIG Hunt

Happy Easter to all those celebrating today (and chag sameach to all those celebrating Passover as well… I don’t want any of my posts to seem exclusive!). This piece entitled “Easter AIG Hunt” from stencil artist Above seemed depressingly poignant, and made me smile a bit.


via the always fascinating WoosterCollective. If you want more close up shots, check out the video clip that goes with it over at Above’s Vimeo page.

Have you seen that? Mini Clubman and some impressive driving

I’ve always been a fan of ads that poke a bit of fun at advertising trends… and this one just might take the cake. I’m not sure I completely get the connection between “fake” and the Mini Clubman yet… maybe it will reveal itself in time. or maybe not. either way, this one definitely made me smile. and a solid use of YouTube and “the viral.”