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Fiat protects the environment by using pandas as crash test dummies

I’m not sure why I find these so amusing. Maybe I’ve just seen too many crash test commercials and anything out of the ordinary is refreshing. Or maybe I find humor in the idea of pandas and penguins being stuffed inside a Fiat. either way, these are refreshing and actually have a bit of a message to them. Done by Marcel Paris. Follow the jump for the other two ads.


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When an Obama slogan appropriation can work

These days, there’s an appropriation of an Obama slogan juts about everywhere. And the “hope” Shepard Fairy poster appropriation seems to be multiplying faster than rabbits on viagra. But every now and then, there’s an appropriation done so well, it actually works. Like this one, for Berlitz Language School (in Israel):


For those that aren’t fluent in French or Hebrew, when read phonetically, it reads “yes we can.” And the biggest hook is both “oui” and the Hebrew “כן / Ken” literally translate to “yes.” In one fell swoop, this one makes up all the other horribly unfunny and unclever appropriations. In the spirit of disclosure, there’s a bit of discussion over at I Believe In Advertising regarding the copy being appropriated from another artist. Either way, it’s effective and well done.

from 0 to 100 in 7.2 seconds

I’ve been busy lately, and unfortunately, haven’t really found a whole lot that’s intrigued me to the point of posting up here. Although this ad campaign is right up my alley and had me laughing for a good while. The tag for the campaign from EuroRSCG in Chile is “from 0 to 100 in 7.2 seconds. Peugeot 207 RC.”


Simple concept with a hint of humor, and some fairly beautiful art direction. Check out the other two after the jump. Continue reading

Giving an Elephant the Heimlich

I’m not sure why I find this so funny, nor am I sure I should. But I do, and I felt the need to share with you as well. It’s nothing fancy, just a print ad for Kayaking Jumbo Peanuts, done by O&M Indonesia. And i’m still laughing.

Sean Connery can sell anything

There are some products that are tough to sell… there are others that are easy… but when you have Sean Connery, it doesn’t really matter. The newest in a series of Louis Vuitton ads previously featuring the likes of Kieth Richards and Francis & Sophia Coppola, this one showcases the former James Bond in his relaxed Bahamian lifestyle. Where will he show up next? [and queue up the SNL Celebrity Jeopardy jokes… it’s inevitable]

Chickens hate the Nissan Altima SE-R?

I know the chicken idea isn’t new, and it’s probably been done before. Possibly even the same idea. The copy (” The 280-hp Nissan Altima SE-R. Make way.”) doesn’t really capture me. but the combination of the art direction and the simplistic idea, executed by TBWA\chit\day Los Angeles, really grabs me. That, and it’s not a product shot of the car. There’s plenty of those floating around. It’s nice to see relatively mainstreams like TBWA and Nissan take a bit of a different path – even if just for a moment.

French Firemen = race pit crew

Sometimes a simple print ad with a simple yet slightly clever idea is all that’s necessary. This print ad from Euro RSCG Paris for the National Federation of French Firemen makes me laugh, but it also makes its point clearly and concisely. And I’ll probably associate race car speed with French firemen from here on out. Not that the topic of French firemen comes up all that often.

[via ibelieveinadv]