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Old shoes provide fuel for some beautiful animation from ManvsMachine

Growing up in the greater metropolis of the Nike empire, my high school was one of the early testing grounds for Nike’s “Grind”, which was kind of cool, except for that year that they realized the field was way too hard and that’s why people were breaking so many bones and they had to replace the entire field… but I digress. The technology has come a long way, and this minute-long video from ManvsMachine Design & Motion Studio in London promoting Nike’s Reuse-A-Shoe campaign is pretty beautiful.

The animation is gorgeous, the music is spot-on, and the voiceover works beautifully as well. Nice when it all comes together.

Check out the full project page over at ManvsMachine’s site.

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Now I want a new pair of Nike Frees

Sometimes, I see stuff that just blows my mind. This is one of those things:

W+K Tokyo gathered up Japanese DJ duo Hifana and got Tomoaki Yanagisawa from 4nchor5 la6 to rig up the shoes, which have flexible accelerometers wired through ’em, and Daito Manabe did the sound programming. The result? Awesomeness.

Some more crazy behind-the-scenes photos are over at Daito’s site here.  Now I want to go get a new pair of Nike Frees. That, and some of those orange-box speakers!

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Back from a month-long break fueled by coffee

So lots has happened in this past month, causing this blog to unfortunately fall to the wayside. In a whirlwind turn of events, I somehow found myself in retail management (ironically – and dangerously – in footwear), and simultaneously short-staffed and without an assistant, resulting in roughly 80-hour weeks (I wish I was exaggerating). Today is my first day I haven’t had to work 11 hours in nearly a month. Assuming all goes well, I hope to resume the stream-of-conscious aggregation of thoughts that this blog had become.

And to kick things back off on a solid graphic-design foot, here’s a classic that never gets old, and pretty much describes my life for the past month or so: Lokesh Dhakar’s “Coffee Drinks Illustrated:”


Hopefully this won’t be the last post for another month…

Nike follows the viral rule book: Blue Lobster SB Dunk?

concepts nike lobster dunk

Nike usually does some impressive work across the board. This time around, it’s no different.

Nike SB blue lobster dunk Concept

The posters, signs, and wall pastings started showing up around Boston last week. Then the blog chronicling the dangers of this hazardous blue lobster showed up, complete with some fairly impressively produced video clips, and the usual smattering of viral-style clips like this one:

Then today, Boston skateshop Concepts announced the release of a limited edition shoe, the Nike SB Dunk Low “Blue Lobster.”

Lobster DunkLast summer, the original Concepts Lobster Dunk made quite a splash, without quite this much Nike/Concepts hype.

While a cool concept (no pun intended), it seems a bit overhyped, a bit over-viraled, if you will. And to go from first viral leak to final announcement of the shoe drop in less than 2 weeks feels a bit rushed. They’re still releasing viral concept videos after already announcing the shoe… just seems a bit rushed and not fully put together. The blog is just a simple wordpress blog (not that there’s anything wrong with that… just look at this blog) and a few clicks lead to logos of both the skateshop and Nike SB. Not that I’m not looking forward to the shoe… it should be an interesting drop. It just seems like a ton of faux viral hype that doesn’t really do all that much.

Viral is definitely being pushed, and evolving. or at least being utilized more frequently. evolution may be questionable.

And full detail on the shoe over at real Concepts blog.

Japanese monster movie meets shoes: Puma loves Gojira

As most of you know, I’m a pretty big shoe fan, and am always greatly intrigued when there are some impressively creative ideas that come out of the shoe world… most notably, the Piet Mondrian-inspired Nike Dunk I wrote about a good while back.

Well, this time around, it’s Puma, coming out with a slightly more pop-culture-cultish release. While I love shoes, I may love the Showa-era Japanese monster movies even more (a fact few of my regular readers probably realized). so it is with that tidbit that my extacy over this new release can be understood: The Puma Terror King pack.

puma terror king godzillaEach shoe is inspired by early Japanese monster movies. the shoes include:

  • The Mecha King, a Puma First Round inspired by Mechagodzilla
  • The Terror King, a Puma Stepper inspired by King Ghidorah
  • The Ape King, a Puma Mid, inspired by King Kong (who fought godzilla in ’62)
  • The Moth King, a Puma Clyde inspired by Mothra
  • The Lizoid King, a Puma First Round inspired by none other than Godzilla himself

A stunning amount of detail went into materials, stitching, and other various details, including printed “skills” and “attributes” under the tongue. Pretty cool homage. check out Kicks on Fire and Sole Collector for more. and of course, More pics, including images of the monsters, after the jump.

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The power of idea and story: Asics, Onitsuka, and origami

I’m a sucker for a good story. And the only thing that can make a good story even better is some impressive yet simple illustration. I recently stumbled across this clip that I somehow missed when it first came out. It simply and beautifully describes (and illustrates) the story of Asics, Kihachiro Onitsuka, and the birth of the Onitsuka Tiger. And it makes me want to go buy some tigers.

Lacoste wants you to imagine the future

To celebrate its 75th anniversary, legendary brand Lacoste gives us a glimpse into the future (if Lacoste had its way). In addition to the video, which is pretty awesome in it’s own right, Lacoste has created Lacoste-Future, an impressive website that kept me captivated for a few minutes. Such an iconic brand doesn’t really need innovative advertising and marketing… which makes it great when they actually deliver something fresh and invigorating

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