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Art meets shoes: Nike loves Mondrian

mondrian dunk

Anyone who knows me well knows of my affinity (a.k.a. problem) for shoes. And many are also aware of my love of art. While I certainly consider many shoes art, they don’t usually go hand-in-hand. But this past week, Nike released a new SB Dunk styled after the work of Piet Mondrian.

It’s cool to see Nike pay homage to great artists (even if it is just to get a cool colorway out of it), and it’s also cool to see people not familiar with the work of Mondrian getting exposed to it via hyped shoes.
There are rumors floating around that the Mondrian Dunk may be the first in a series of artist-inspired Dunks… I can only hope. Either way, it’s uplifting to see De Stijl on a Dunk.

Adidas Originals continues with the Left Right Project… big shoes = big promotion?

Adidas has been busy lately, mostly with the help of 180. You may remember me writing about the Original Games spot and the Adi Dassler history spot, both of which I’m pretty fond of.
Now I’m not a big fan of (and usually veer away from) writing about things that i hear about via letters along the lines of “hey! I thought you might be interested in this. blah blah blah. thanks!” … especially when it comes directly from agency “strategists.” But I’m going to have to let this one slide because it’s just so good. And as my friends and regular readers know, it’s hard for me to pass up good shoe advertising.

I actually saw some video of this last week on the local evening news, and wasn’t exactly thrilled with it. But the YouTube clip really puts it in a different light – one that i can appreciate, and one that i actually think is pretty awesome. A very cool idea that’s well executed with some real concept behind it. Much more than big shoes.

Nike Tells Under Armour to shut up

Today’s Oregonian had a pretty good article about the new Nike “ad blitz” (their words… not mine) aiming to “stop Under Armour in their tracks.” Nike’s proclaiming that “my better is better than your better.” It’s basically a direct response to the Under Armour Superbowl spot that directly shot at Nike.

Here’s the Under Armour Spot that targeted Nike, proclaiming “The Future is Ours”, in case you missed it.

I doubt this is the last we’ll see of this battle. Could get interesting. i.e. some awesome creative could be forced out of it.

Pony is back in the game, takes shots at other shoe companies

Last week, Pony announced the launch of a new campaign promoting the fact that they are “back in the game” and out to compete with Nike, Adidas, and the other shoe giants. You can read the press release here. The creative is done by Fishbowl Brand Advertising out of San Diego. Pretty interesting parody that communicates their message clearly and succinctly. Higher-res versions of the spots are available on the Fishbowl site. And while not exactly necessary, the “making of” provides some cool insights into the though process behind the campaign:

When you need your feet to smell like fruit


Reebok recently announced these new co-branded “instant classics,” supposedly smelling like their corresponding kool-aid flavors. Yeah. I’m not sure either. Although I’m kind of digging the style & colors. but really? scented? I think I can do without that. I can only imagine what grape will smell like after a few weeks.

The collection ranges from $50-$75 and can be purchased at or select Reebok retailers nationwide. Grape, strawberry and cherry launched at the beginning of the month. Orange, lemon and lime are out on March 15. Will this be the next big thing?

Check out the photos on flickr if you’re so inclined.

[via styledash]

New Havaianas creative that actually makes me smile

I remember back when people were all googly eyed over the Havaianas wall murals. Sure, they were fairly creative, a bit different, spoke to the brand identity already well-established in Brazil, communicated strong messages, blah blah blah etc., but I wasn’t really blown away by them.


I have to say, the newest Havaianas work I’ve seen from BBDO NY intrigues me and definitely brings a smile to my face. The planters pictured above are designed to promote the new Havaianas floral-print sandals, and are just beautiful. Floral sculpture and landscape arrangements have been used many times for advertising purposes, but there’s just something so clean and beautiful about this stuff. I think it might be the contrast between the organic and the inorganic that really changes the message behind Havaianas, which really brings a smile to my face.


Follow the jump for another cool (but very different) Havaianas campaign.

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