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Old shoes provide fuel for some beautiful animation from ManvsMachine

Growing up in the greater metropolis of the Nike empire, my high school was one of the early testing grounds for Nike’s “Grind”, which was kind of cool, except for that year that they realized the field was way too hard and that’s why people were breaking so many bones and they had to replace the entire field… but I digress. The technology has come a long way, and this minute-long video from ManvsMachine Design & Motion Studio in London promoting Nike’s Reuse-A-Shoe campaign is pretty beautiful.

The animation is gorgeous, the music is spot-on, and the voiceover works beautifully as well. Nice when it all comes together.

Check out the full project page over at ManvsMachine’s site.

[via CreativeBloq]


Alex Trebek can certainly call the shots

Indeed, as many of you know, I graduated from the University of Oregon – thus I am a Duck. And I grew up idolizing George Alexander “Alex” Trebek. That being said, even if you hate the Ducks and aren’t a fan of the Trebek, this is still brilliantly amazing:

There are a lot of random videos, clips, mash-ups, etc. floating around, but there is something so genius about the timing, the pacing, and the tone of Trebek that makes this one stand apart. (And big thanks to krobb for pointing this one out!)

Proof that cell phone commercials can be interesting: Net10 and Bas Rutten

These spots pretty much speak for themselves. An interesting way to promote cell phone service, courtesy of the always interesting minds at Droga5 and Epoch films. Somehow, someone decided that Net10 and mixed martial artist Bas Rutten go hand in hand. This is the result:

You can follow and check out more at the Cell Defense website.

Follow the jump for another video, featuring, among other insanity, Bas screaming “Cancel your face” repeatedly. Beautiful.

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Need a phone that can stand up to the rigors of golfing?

The idea of filming rugged cell phones being put through the paces isn’t anything new… but something about the style and the execution of this clip really makes me want to go get whatever phone they’re testing:

sometimes the most simple displays can be the most effective. Sure, a phone that can do a googleplex of things from twittering my neighbors cat to making me breakfast is cool, but as soon as an enemy wielding a golf club enters the scene, it really only boils down to one thing.

A Dinosaur, Ice Skating, and a Denver museum promo: Unlikely combo?

beautiful. Funny without being outright dumb and clever enough to not feel contrived. A beautiful blend of elements for the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. Smoke & Mirrors New York teamed up with Carmichael Lynch Minneapolis to execute the impressive spot.

Here’s the blurb on the creation from Smoke & Mirrors, pulled from the unusually informative description on the YouTube page:

Via our recently ramped up 3D department we were able to create, rig, animate and render the entire project in under a month. Smoke & Mirrors filmed the live-action backgrounds in Central Park, then the Manhattan skyline was replaced with the Denver Museum area in post.

Every detail from the ice cracking under the reptile’s tremendous weight, to ice chips flying from its slipping feet were rendered to create a believable, cohesive scene.

When simple works: LeBron James – Brace Yourself

Virals don’t have to be over the top. They don’t have to involve people jumping into their own pants or exploding soda bottles. They just need to draw a bit of interest. And sometimes the simplest executions can be the most captivating, hence spurring buzz. Which this spot featuring LeBron James certainly has been doing:

The viral, which is being spread fairly quickly, is certainly generating some interesting commentary… time will tell.

When a good idea gets in the right hands: St. Pauli Soccer Club

It’s amazing what can happen when a good idea is put in the right hands and allowed to flourish. Check out this spot for soccer club St. Pauli.

The spot is promoting “the roughest jacket of the world,” which can be purchased here. The agency, Marke23 handed the idea over to Schöenheistfarm, who did some impressive work for what’s essentially a jacket commercial. Pretty impressive. Especially if you think about all the other less-impressive creative realizations that could have been brought to life.