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Mentos gives the bouncing balls treatement a shot

I’ve come to accept that not everything needs to make sense. This is one of those times. semantically, I understand what’s going on… but it just still strikes me as a bit confusing… and the paint and what have you is kind of a stretch from Mentos. Maybe its a Canadian thing. As far as execution and creation of an atmospheric mood, it hits the nail on the head, even if it is a bit reminiscent of the bouncing bravia balls with the  Jose Gonsalez track. I’m not going to complain too much. It works. Done by Cosette of Canada.

The Easter AIG Hunt

Happy Easter to all those celebrating today (and chag sameach to all those celebrating Passover as well… I don’t want any of my posts to seem exclusive!). This piece entitled “Easter AIG Hunt” from stencil artist Above seemed depressingly poignant, and made me smile a bit.


via the always fascinating WoosterCollective. If you want more close up shots, check out the video clip that goes with it over at Above’s Vimeo page.

When is a subway station art?

I’m a pretty big fan of the clips I’ve seen from Improv Everywhere (like the frozen train station and the computers in Starbucks).  This one is no different:

turning a subway into an art gallery is such a simple idea, yet it’s done cleanly and just well enough to create that bit of confusion that makes their stuff so powerful.

Photoshop in real life: adbusting in the Berlin subway

This has been making the blog rounds, and every time I see it, all i can think of is “cool.” call it what you want: photoshop adbusting, graffiti, street art, or what have you. But regardless, there are some interesting ideas going on there. Simply wheatpasted images of photoshop toolbars pasted over existing ads in the Berlin subway. Artist credit goes to Epoxy, Mr Talion, Baveux & Kone.


More pics (and full image credits) after the jump

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Guerilla advertising: War Veterans, a gas station, and plastic soldiers.

This is some interesting stuff… that sends a fairly powerful message when you take into account the actions of those actually sending the message (which is beautifully documented, of course). The Iraq Veterans Against the War put together this guerrilla piece which is pretty self explanatory, yet powerful.

Check out more photos of the event over at Osocio. definitely gets the guerrilla advertising mind rolling.

Street art can be simple (and so can everything else)

Sometimes the most simple ideas can be the most intriguing. Check out this clip of street artist Aakash Nihalani. And take a look at his website as well… some pretty simple yet pretty awesome stuff.

Oh. and I want to have a bag with all that tape in it. but that’s just the art nerd in me.

[via wooster]

In Case of Civil Unrest…

With the way things are going lately, this may not be too far off…

[via wooster via supertouch]

Beauty in the shadows

A lot of my photographic work has dealt with shadows, so I’m a bit biased, but this piece, entitled “seeder” by Lithuanian artist Morfai is just incredible.

The Air Bear makes its way into an Evironmental Defense ad

It was just a few months ago that i wrote about the Joshua Harris air installations in New York City. Apparently just a few months later, Ogilvy has turned the Air Bear into an ad for The Evironmental Defense Fund. Not that it’s a bad thing. It definitely gets Harris some publicity, and it presents the EDF in a different way. Everybody wins.

Water Kiss by Sam3. water as street art.

I thought about posting some sort of poignant criticism of some piece of advertising, but I wasn’t really feeling it. Plus, I saw this and it changed my day just a bit. Comparison can be quickly drawn to the other recently popular video Motu by Blu, but this is just more simple in a pleasantly beautiful way. It really made my day.