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Happy Worldwide Pinhole Day! (and happy Easter!)

Today is Worldwide Pinhole Day! Check out a pretty interesting write-up courtesy of the BBC here. And here’s the link to the Worldwide Pinhole Day’s website.

Oh – and Happy Easter and Happy Passover to those who are also celebrating. I’m going to go shoot off a few rolls of pinhole film while I make some matzo brittle before some (kosher for passover) Easter dinner.To quote the prophet “L’chaim!”

[CC licensed image via Matt Calow]

clip-o-the-weekend: In My Prius

Well, here it is. the second installment of the youtube clip of the weekend. I was going to stick to the “bizarre” clip, but this one is just too good to pass up, and really needs no explaining.

Check out The Casual Mafia’s youtube channel for more, and their website is pretty awesome too.

Bizarre clip-o-the-weekend: dog doing squats

I’ve always been a fan of the bizarre. and youtube seems like kind of an inevitable evil. so with that, I bring you the first ever, inaugural bizarre video clip of the weekend. I can’t guarantee that it’ll be a routine thing, although I hope to make it so. anyway, here it be: Enjoy!

I’m not sure what’s more bizarre. the dog and the exercising, or the fact that The Beatles’ Red Album is playing.

[via Black Bunneh Sees]