A busy few weeks (OR to NYC to OR to SD and back)

It’s been a bit crazy lately. A week in New York with a group of 50 or so of the best and brightest from the UofO School of Journalism. Ad agency visits, sight seeing, portfolio stuff, great food(kimchi and blue cheese pocket from Momofuku Milk Bar? Amazing!), and lots of absorbing Manhattan.

Back to Eugene for two days of work, then a trip down to San Diego for a week. Busy, but just enough time to relax a bit and process the week in NYC.

La Jolla on flickr

So insights gleaned? I love visiting NYC, but I’d have to have a really compelling reason to end up there permanently. The advertising industry is shifting quickly in terms of channels and media possibilities, but there’s still a metric crapton of garbage being pushed through those channels. Don’t get me wrong – I think advertising today is brilliant and there are some pieces and people doing incredible work – but those pieces and people are few and far between in a sea of monotonous garbage. Times are changing, but many of the archaic problems still exist.  Which just continues to make me want to help those people who can actually perpetuate positive change in the industry. And maybe that’s my biggest takeaway from the last few weeks – there’s tremendous opportunity to fix the problems of the world. The advertising world and the greater world as a whole.


The Uncluded: blending musical genres in the best ways with genius lyrics

What happens when legendary and groundbreaking hip-hop artist/producer Aesop Rock teams up with grammy winning, critically acclaimed singer songwriter Kimya Dawson? This:

Lyrics that are genius, beautiful, heart wrenching and smart. Melodies and beats that are dynamic and vibrant. The blending of genres, styles, and talents. This is music at its best. Self expression, coping, therapy, exploration, fear, adversity, and other fairly weighty subject matter. But it’s handled with a beautiful craft and a touch of humor that keeps it beautifully approachable.

The Current now has the entire album, Hokey Fright, available to stream now pre-release! The album releases on May 7th from Rhymesayers Entertainment.


Celebrate Color: 50 years with PANTONE [infographic]

Color drives the world. And to celebrate color (and their 50 year anniversary), Pantone has put together a look at the history of color in fashion and design.

Simplistic and colorful with the expected Pantone color swatches and brand logos, but it’s an interesting visual depiction of the last fifty years of color. Cool stuff.

[via Pantone]

Food, cityscapes, and photography: three things that don’t usually go together so well

I’m a fan of food. Not just eating it, but making it, crafting it, and yes, even photographing it. Which is why I find this so awesome:

Swedish art director Peter Johansson teamed up with Swedish food lab Atelier Food to create this amazing foodscape that comes shockingly close to resembling a city.

From Johansson’s website:

The Atelier Food still life is built on a grid. The still life
represents the work of Atelier Food and the connection between food and
society. It links the playfulness and creativity within the project with
the ambitious goals and long-term challenges. In the spirit of the
whole Atelier Food project it is also a creative co-operation between a
chef, one Art Director and one Photographer.

Photography by Henrik Petersson. More photos at Johansson’s website. Now I’m hungry.

[via Its Nice That]

NYT’s visualization of Kepler’s tally of planets is beautiful

Just this week, scientists announced they found more planets further away that are supposedly earth-like.  Which is cool and all. But the Visualization of Kepler’s Tally of Planets that the New York Times published is absolutely brilliant.

Yeah, I’m a sucker for good data visualization, but the sheer magnitude of what this is displaying, and the clean and simplistic execution makes my spine tingle. I do wish the star temperature visualization was a touch more lucid, but I can’t really complain. I Love it.

[via informationisbeautiful]

The new Threadless Boston benefit shirt

As many of you know, I’m a fan of Threadless. And I’m even a bigger fan of the benefit shirts that they turn out, teaming up with local or pertinent artists to create shirts that they then donate all of the proceeds from. I was a huge fan of the Gulf Coast spill relief fund shirt when it came out, and this new shirt for Boston is no different.

Threadless designers (and Boston natives) Thomas G. Sullivan and Ross Zeitz teamed up to create this clean design. A few more details from Threadless:

The unicorn is the official symbol of the Boston Athletic Association
and appears on the Boston Marathon medals. 100% of sales benefit The One Fund Boston, Inc. to help the people most affected by the tragic events that occurred in Boston on April 15, 2013.


‘Little Big Details’ or, ‘Oh my god we’re back again’

'Little Big Details' or, 'Oh my god we're back again'

So today, three different people asked me if I was still keeping up with my blog.

the answer was obvious. But why? I’m not certain. so here it goes again. Hopefully back to the fervent regularity that it once had. we shall see.

So for the moment, a source of inspiration:

Little Big Ideas.

A source of inspiration, looking at the details that make up the way users interact with programs. Direct impact to photography, art, and other things that intrigue me? Not on the surface. but deep down, some of this stuff changes the way we think in the subtlest ways. Worth browsing through with an open mind.