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National Geographic Found unearths the beauty of the past

National Geographic Found

I just stumbled across this incredible site from National Geographic in celebration of their 125th year. It showcases photos from the archives (some never before published) as curated by National Geographic’s William Bonner.

There are some stunning photos unearthed that pay homage to the importance of photojournalism and the power of a well-crafted image.


Also of particular interest to typophiles is the description on the About page regarding Ludwig Light, the typeface used in the “Found” logo, somewhat ironically ‘found’ by Nat Geo designer Roy Wilhelm. Worth a read as well.


‘Little Big Details’ or, ‘Oh my god we’re back again’

'Little Big Details' or, 'Oh my god we're back again'

So today, three different people asked me if I was still keeping up with my blog.

the answer was obvious. But why? I’m not certain. so here it goes again. Hopefully back to the fervent regularity that it once had. we shall see.

So for the moment, a source of inspiration:

Little Big Ideas.

A source of inspiration, looking at the details that make up the way users interact with programs. Direct impact to photography, art, and other things that intrigue me? Not on the surface. but deep down, some of this stuff changes the way we think in the subtlest ways. Worth browsing through with an open mind.