Time lapse photography + old school video games = more cool than I can handle



I’ve been paying attention, really, I have… but I’ve been struggling to see anything lately that really piques my interest. It may just be that I’m tired and busy with lots of random things, but stuff that has been catching my eye is few and far between. Then I stumbled upon Rosemarie Fiore. Time lapse photography, as kitch as it can often be, is unquestionably cool. Fiore took it a billion steps further by combining time lapse photography with classic video games. Fiore writes:

These photographs are long exposures taken while playing video war games of the 80’s created by Atari, Centuri and Taito. The photographs were shot from video game screens while I played the games. By recording each second of an entire game on one frame of film, I captured complex patterns not normally seen by the eye.

My brain is finally happy again… and a bit confused – which makes my brain even more happy.

Rosemarie Fiore [via Centripital Notion]

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